Irradiance recipe - Release Issues

After updating (Versioner) LBT i tried to update a file that was using the previous Radiance recipe to the Irradiance one.
The file starts the simulation but after a while it turns red and reports the following:

Runtime error (ValueErrorException): Invalid result folder: C:\Users\USERNAME\simulation\hb_sample_model_grid\annual_irradiance\metrics/average_irradiance

line 22, in read_sensor_grid_result, “C:\Users\USERNAME\ladybug_tools\python\Lib\site-packages\pollination_handlers\outputs\”
line 15, in read_pit_from_folder, “C:\Users\USERNAME\ladybug_tools\python\Lib\site-packages\pollination_handlers\outputs\”
line 517, in value, “C:\Users\USERNAME\ladybug_tools\python\Lib\site-packages\lbt_recipes\”
line 314, in output_value_by_name, “C:\Users\USERNAME\ladybug_tools\python\Lib\site-packages\lbt_recipes\”
line 95, in script

I noticed that the folder annual_irradiance\metrics/average_irradiance is not created but instead i get annual_irradiance\results, as it was in the previous Radiance recipe.

Similar (not exact) error appears with the DirectSunHours component, which looks like this:

Runtime error (FileNotFoundException): Could not find file ‘C:\Users\USERNAME\simulation\hb_sample_model_grid\direct_sun_hours\results\cumulative\TestRoom_1.res’.

line 41, in read_sensor_grid_result, “C:\Users\USERNAME\ladybug_tools\python\Lib\site-packages\pollination_handlers\outputs\”
line 35, in read_hours_from_folder, “C:\Users\USERNAME\ladybug_tools\python\Lib\site-packages\pollination_handlers\outputs\”
line 517, in value, “C:\Users\USERNAME\ladybug_tools\python\Lib\site-packages\lbt_recipes\”
line 314, in output_value_by_name, “C:\Users\USERNAME\ladybug_tools\python\Lib\site-packages\lbt_recipes\”
line 80, in script

Tried also the gridbased sample file, getting the same errors.

Any ideas?


Just for reference for the person looking into this bug (if it is one), I’m experiencing similar issues with the newest Irradiance recipes:

Kind regards,

Yes, sorry that our continuous integration system hit a hiccup and caused the latest LBT core libraries to be out of sync with the latest Grasshopper components.

Everything should be fixed now if you rerun the “LB Versioner” and try running the recipe again.

Thanks @chris,
Working fine now.