Is it able to use "add strings" to add construction(like pcm) to one surface

Hello,Chris and rest of the ladybug team!
Is it able to use “add strings” to add construction(like pcm) to one surface
(the other surface of this zone still use honeybee to add construction to surface)

I saw some example ,the whole zone used addstrings to add construction to surface.

English is not my native language, maybe my expression is terrible
chirs, your video helped me a lot, thank you very much

Hi @xiaoyuling ,

You’ll have to look at how you specify PCM materials in EnergyPlus’s native format (IDF). If you can add them just by appending strings to the IDF, then you can use additional strings. If not and you need to edit and replace things in the IDF, then you’ll have to use a Measure or some other way to add the PCM to the IDF.

Thank you very much for your advice. Honeybee is really a very convenient software :grinning: