Is it possible to import an .idf file?

Hello everyone,
is it possible with plugin version 1.2.0 on mac to import the geometry of an .idf file? On the old Honeybee lagacy version it was possible, but it only works with windows …
Thank you very much!

This may be the component you are looking for:

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That’s the right component and thanks for posting it, @TrevorFedyna !

Right now, the component is only available in the development version of the LBT plugin (you can get it with the LB Versioner) and it will be in the 1.3 stable release when it happens. It currently only imports geometry, face type (wall/roof/floor), and boundary conditions but it should be able to import constructions after this weekend and schedules/loads in a few months from now.

Thank you so much for your reply!
I have updated and tested the component. Unfortunately it gave me this error:

Easily fixed?

I could very well be wrong; but if I remember correctly; delimiter errors like that in general ( from open studios, E+ launch ect ) I’ve gotten when mixing up different E+ versions *.idf’s i.e trying to use an older idf with a newer version of E+ vise versa.

Do you know for sure if the *.idf you are loading was created in the same version of E+ Honeybee is using?

if you are using with HB OS 3.2 it’s using E+ v9.5
if OS 3.1 it’s using E+ 9.4

yes, I tried both 9.4 and 9.5 but the error is always the same …