Is it possible to model multi-modifer complex radiance materials in Honeybee?

Hi Mostapha,

I have the following definition:

void brightfunc Woodgrain_b1

4 dirt -s 0.008


1 0.15

Woodgrain_b1 brightfunc Woodgrain_b2

4 zgrain -s 0.016


1 0.55

Woodgrain_b2 texfunc WoodGrain_tex

6 xgrain_dx ygrain_dx zgrain_dx -s 0.01


1 0.075

WoodGrain_tex plastic WoodGrain_NonColor2



5 0.364 0.187 0.072 0.006 0.0

This creates the texture (on the table) below:

Is it possible for me to use a multi-modifier material like this in Honeybee ?



(Update: I figured out a hack to do this in MSH2RAD but I still don’t know if it is possible to add this to the Honeybee Library).

Hi Sarith, Yes. It should be possible. Here is an example for water. You need to add each material to the library separately and then you can apply them to HBSurfaces.

Mostapha, thanks.