Issue in keeping temperature

Hi All,

I’m getting quite frustrated at the lack of control over the ideal air loads I seem to have with a simple box model. I have experimented with a range of different ways to input the information - but cannot understand where I am going wrong.

example 1 - zone thresholds put to 24C for cooling, 18C for heating + having no input for the schedules

Example 2 - same thresholds but attempting to overwrite the schedule to be constantly on using temperature schedule

Using ‘Always on’ gives the same result as using the temperature schedule - so I am clearly using that component incorrectly…

Anyone know what I’m doing wrong?

Attached file - just really trying to get cooling + heating going continuously but having real difficulty getting it to do so… (678.3 KB)

Can be related to this: Cooling Limit in Ideal Loads

I’m leaving this to @chris to comment.