Issue regarding Concave Zones

Good afternoon

I’ve just started learning ladybug and honey bee. I’ve successfully did some small simulations with fewer zones and fewer thermal walls, and decided to try some larger projects. However, there are some problems I could not solve and hope if you can offer some help.

In this project, I tried to create few zones with walls and several interior windows. When I ran the simulation, I received "index out of range:0

I met this issue when I ran simpler files before. I assumed it was caused by interior windows therefore I tried to remove all interior windows. However, after I did that, only outcome I can get from EP result was windowTransmissivity

In order to find out what is wrong, I tried to disconnect all interior walls and just connect zones to simulation, but got the same result. I also tried to remove air wall and just ran simulation with just zones, but still did not walk. Could you please help me take a look?

Thank you

Library 3.3dm (2.37 MB)
Sim (562 KB)

Hi considering, your thermal zones are all in non-convex shape which may cause sever errors in the simulation. The rule-of-thumb is to have as fewer of non-convex thermal zone or shading surface as possible. You may consider breaking up the thermal zone in irregular shape into a cluster of smaller zones in convex shape.

Please refer to the E+ menu in this regard:…

Hi grasshope

Thank you very much for your help?

Since this project is simulating a existing building, shape of zones could not be controlled by my self. In this case, is it possible for me to combine two zones into one zone so that I can combine several convex zones to make a non-convex zone? I understand air wall could be applied, but If I do that, honey bee would give two results for two zones, but I just want information for one combined zone.

Thank you.