[issue to be reported] "indoor view factor calculator" & "Microclimate Map Analysis" error

I got the following error when using the indoor view factor calculator component which is working fine previously**:**

Solution exception:‘int’ object is unsubscriptable

May I ask what’s the source of the problem and how to solve it?

Thank you!

typology_v048.gh (697 KB)

OK, I replaced the indoor view factor calculator and its input components from a previous working file, and it works now, strangely …

a new problem now for the microclimate mapping component with the error message of:

The calculation has been terminated by the user! , although I didn’t intervene at all …

May I have your advice on this problem?

Thank you!

typology_v050_run.gh (701 KB)

Dear bee and bugs, really appreciate if you can kindly help to take a look and advise cause I’m kind of stuck here…!

Thank you very much!

I suggest you to simplify your example, for the sake of the simulation time. All Comfort analysis is processor consuming.

Just opening the file takes a while …

I see that you want to analyze only one zone, so why you are connecting all the 53 zones to the analysis. I suspect that your computer gets “tired” and it’s resources are exhausted.

Can be?


Thanks, Abraham!

I agree that my example file is too complicated to run for debugging purpose…

Nevertheless, I found that if analysis period is disconnected with the microclimate mapping component, it will work fine, but with only winter solstice data is generated.

I wonder if the error is caused by reading analysis period for this component.

As to the thermal zones connected to the view factor calculator component, I follow the original workflow shown on Hydra in which all thermal zones used for energyplus simulation are connected to this component.

Is is correct?


OK, I simplified the geometry for test, and it runs faster now.

However, the problem for the Microclimate Map Analysis component is still there when connected to analysis period component …

Helps are greatly appreciated!

typology_v053_simple_geom.gh (701 KB)

Yes. You should connect all zones (my bad) since it is required for the MRT calculations.

I’ll check your file …


Sorry to bother you again, Chris!

But the problem with the UTCI component is still here:

The csv file containing only outer surface temperature result is also attached. The epw file used is for Singapore.

Appreciate if you can kindly advise!

UTCI component error.gh (476 KB)
A01_utci.7z (3.02 MB)
B01_utci.7z (2.06 MB)