Issue to run ExportToOpenStudio

Hey everyone, I am trying to use the component “HB_PET analysis recipe” from the legacy versions of the tools. I also have installed the latest version of the Ladybug tools 1.3.0 and after using LB_versioner the OpenStudo I need to use is 3.3.0.
When I try to run "Export to OpenStudio component it gives me an error:

Also when I simply try to run the “hb_run energy simulation” it gives me another error:

I don´t know if these two errors are related to one another or completely different things. I need these components due to the fact that to calculate the PET I need the result file address.

Does anybody know what can I try to do, would be very helpful. Thank you
I am uploading here my file just in case it´s needed.
simulation (1.2 MB)
Kemptenarea.ddy (5.0 KB)

And the .epw since is quite big I am uploading it here:

Just use LBT 1.3. These types of errors have been virtually eliminated over there.