Issue with aligned lists for the Psychrometric Chart

Hi Chris!

Thank you for your advice. Though, this does not work anymore, it gives me an error:

  1. If you have put in lists with multiple values for meanRadTemperature, windSpeed, clothingLevel, or metabolicRate, the lengths of these lists must match across the parameters or you have a single value for a given parameter to be applied to all values in the list.
  2. Solution exception:Local variable ‘exWork’ referenced before assignment.

@mrbro ,
I hope you don’t mind that I moved your comment into its own topic as it is not related to the topic that you originally posted it on. The warning that you get seems pretty clear to me. You do not have aligned sets of values across the inputs for meanRadTemperature, windSpeed, clothingLevel, and/or metabolicRate. So the component doesn’t know how many comfort polygons to draw. If you want to upload a screenshot or a sample file, I could tell you which of the inputs is causing the issue for your specific case.