Issue with Daylight model for surrounding buildings


The surrounding building is not influencing the daylight factor. I am wondering what is wrong with the model. It works perfectly fine with another design. I am not able to figure out where the problem is in the file. Could someone let me know what is wrong? I have highlighted the component in red in the gh file. (727.7 KB)

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Please check the north input on your annual recipe component. The north is different from the one that is being used by the north arrow component.

I changed the north point to check if it is changing the data, so that is not the issue.

In that case, what do you suspect is wrong with your results? And you’re not calculating DF in the script.

Also, there are no radiance materials being applied here. You can use Set_Radiance materials component.

Besides @devang’s remarks, you can see that the results are not the same. They are close but not identical.
One of the reasons can be that according to your south angle and the occupancy hours, the context is blocking the sun just a few times. Not enough to make a big difference in the results, but enough to show different results.

Thank @Devang and @AbrahamYezioro I played with the surrounding building distance and size and noticed it is working. I will be adding the details.

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