Issue with surface mapping in Ladybug Sunlight hours analysis


I am new to Grasshopper / Lady bug. I am doing Chris webinars in Vimeo. For some reason the mapping on the surface/geometries I selected is not showing properly (as shows in images below) its the third time I re-do the entire exercise and I keep getting the same error. Also the text shown on the graph for “dry bulb temperature” is not showing in my sun path graph please advice.

Thank you in advance

Hi @andres.roncal
Make sure the geometries are “Preview off”

Mohammed Thanks for your quick response!
Turned my preview off, but the mapping still not working correctly, could it be anything else besides that?

this is a snap from Chris webinar as you see i the color chart right next to the geometries doesnt show

Can you please attach your GH file?

Here are the GH and Rhino files

Climate Analysis Part 1.3dm (168.8 KB)

Climate Analysis Part (434.5 KB)


The geometries are facing downward and need to be flipped. Also, make sure to hide the geometries in Rhino too. Please see the file. I made the changes.

Climate Analysis Part (435.6 KB)


I see. Thank you for the help! why would geometries be flipped in the first place tho?

If the surface specially made by the polyline in the clockwise direction, the surface direction will be opposite of working CPlane or Z direction.