Issues related to Timestep

Hello HB LB community!
I have a several question to ask regarding to simple Honeybee energy simulation.

  1. Weather file location doesn’t match with the location of Honeybee_Read Ep Result.

Wherever i put my building mass, it calculates only in Washington DC.

  1. Honeybee_Generate EP output has timestep option that i set it to hourly since I am doing only short analysis, readEPResult count it as monthly.

  2. Set the Analysis period only in Jan, however the calculated result is different.

  3. Connected zoneEnergyUse, zoneComfortMetrics, SurfaceTempAnalysis in EPOutputs but ReadEPResult gives me limited results like the Picutre Below.

Please help me on this issues, hope you have a great advise for me.

And the last thing, do i have to boolean toogle off everything in order save the grasshopper file or just save it and close it? (680 KB)

Hi awkweird, There is something strange going on with your simulation. My best guess is that your last simulation is failed and the component is loading the results of an older simulation. Here is what I get on my machine, testing your file for a simple box and everything makes sense:


Hi Mostapha, Thanks for your reply.

It seems like my system has some problem. I’ve uninstalled and re-installed latest version of HB and LB, however the result is same.

I am using Rhino5 sr 11, Grasshopper 0.9.0076, EnergyPlusV8-2-7 and my OS is windows 7.

This time i’ve used small box shaped building, and drag & drop all my components instead of copying from the old file. I have a warning message from Honeybee Run E+ report which is same as below.

And this is the overall definition:

Don’t know whats the problem is but my guess is the version of energy plus V8_2_7? Cause the Honeybee_Honeybee component is the one you modified for Energy PlusV8_2, not from the original downloading directory.

One thing I’ve observed is when i boolean toogle E+ simulation on, the calculation windows pops up and disappears so quick. I’m not sure its working properly.

What should i do next to make it work? I can uninstall my rhino and everything or installing it on other computer to check if it works…

Here is the new definition link:


I’m not sure if un/installing the component would make any difference. Can you change the idfFileName_ and see if that makes any difference? To me it looks like that the component is reading the results on an older study. Changing the name of the file changes the folder and that may solve the issue.


I’ve changed the idfFileName using just “panel” component. And the result is quite different. Instead it gives error on Honeybee_Read EP component which is

  1. No .eio file was found adjacent to the .csv _resultFileAddress.results cannot be read back into grasshopper without this file.

I’ve searched around this error and find out my energy simulation doesn’t work properly. And here is the screenshot when E+ popup window shows.

what should be the next step?

Best Regards.

Honeybee (473 KB)

Hi Awkweird,

Glad you use a simplified example. I tried the original and it was very heavy, so i dropped it.

Now i checked this last file and it works for me. I noticed that you are not using the most updated components. It can be a reason of the error (though i’m in doubt). Just in case attached an updated file with last components version.

As Mostapha said, it can be a “confusion” with an existing file. Please check in:


if you get the Test2.csv file and it is about 24Mb size.

-A. (488 KB)

Hello Abraham,

I’ve this file and it works perfect. Didn’t expect this issue is caused from outdated components. Thank you so much and have a great day!

BTW. That HB and LB update component rocks!