Issues Running Honeybee

I keep getting the attached error despite, at least to my perception, following the prompting instructions for resolution.

I have tried nearly all afternoon try and overcome this issue. My suspicion is I’m overlooking something obvious. But I can’t seem to deduce what that may be.Any help much appreciated!

Thank you,


Hi Dustin,

Can you please open the attached file and let me know what is the message. It should give a better report about what’s happening on your system.

Mostapha (73.4 KB)



  1. Couldn’t find the libraries.

Failed to load EP constructions! You won’t be able to run analysis with Honeybee!
Download the files from address below and copy them to: c:\ladybug<br/>

The problem seems to be OpenStudio_Standards.json. The size of the file should be 2,766. Can you download the attached file, replace it in the folder and then disable/enable honeybee_honeybee component. That should solve the problem.

OpenStudio_Standards.json (1.5 MB)

also just in case this is the latest version of the template. The size of your file makes me think that you don’t have the latest version.

OpenStudioMasterTemplate.idf (1.68 MB)

Thank you very much! After replacing both files, that you provided, it now seems to be working. So I don’t which was causing the error. Really appreciate the swift response :)!

Hello @mostapha
These files ( OpenStudioMasterTemplate.idf) have expired here. It is possible to upload them again !! Thankful
I could not download these files from GitHub.

@Aliarch ,

Just drop the Honeybee_honeybee component on your canvas and it will be downloaded to C:\ladybug. You can also download them from the github here: