Issues With Adjacent Zone Surfaces

Hello Mustapha and and whole LB + HB team. This is amazing and I am very excited to have access to these tools so thanks!

I am working through Chris Mackey’s youtube videos and working up a current design that I am developing. I am trying to get the adjacent surfaces to solve properly and am having some issues. You can see in the screen shot below the issue seems to be at the clerestory where zones central to the plan access the split between the roof planes to bring in natural light. The adjacency tool doesn’t want to split the wall into interior and exterior surfaces. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Although now my energy model returns these errors… so I’ll keep working on it.

For some reason the intersect masses component introduced the above issues. Can anyone comment on this? If I build the zones up surface by surface will I still get these adjacency issues? It looks like it is finding the roof to be adjacent to a wall and throwing an error…


It won’t be possible to help you without uploading the file. Also I think we released a couple of new versions after Chris’s video. Have you tried to update the definitions?