Issues with Daylight Factor Calculation

I am trying to run some daylight factor analysis on some geometry.

I have successfully run some Annual Daylight studies on this geometry with a processing time of about 2.5 minutes. However, when I try to run the daylight factor analysis on the same geometry with the same sensor grid, it’s taking a very long to to compute. Last night I let it run for over 1 hour and still had no results. It seems to be caught in some loop stating that 7 workers are processing something in the command line over and over again, with no indication that it has finished any of those 7 processes.

Is this typical behavior? Does Daylight Factor typical take this much longer than Annual Daylight Studies? Is this a known bug with a work around or solution?

I have attached my file as reference. I have internalized the geometry.

Daylight (581.2 KB)