Issues with PixelCounting + Shading transparency schedule

Hi @chris,

I just bumped onto this issue on Energyplus Github regarding the incompatibility of PixelCounting with transparency schedules applied to shading surfaces. Apparently any shading surface with a transparency schedule will still be considered as always opaque, with all the consequences that can have on results.

I’m very surprised E+ doesn’t throw any error (as far as I know), so it might be worth adding an alert on HB side of things.

Also mentioned here.

Oh Wow. I didn’t know this either. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

I guess we can see if the EnergyPlus team is going to do anything about it since this is a really dangerous type of “silent error” and I’m sure we are not the only people who are surprised here.

If it comes to it, we can also write our own check for this condition in Honeybee.