ITERATIVE ENERGY SIM + DAYLIGHTING: Solution exception:index out of range: 0 from "Read Annual ResultsI" component

Hi all,

I have a problem while trying to iterate through 10 different glazing ratios, writing the results to an excel file each time.

The problem arises following the Daylight analysis, where the results are to be read, before being sent to the energy plus component.

Essentially the “readAnnualResultI” component does not update/run by itself following a succesful daylight analysis, and so my loop doesnt work.

Any help greatly appreciated, thanks.

Will (682 KB)

One of your simulations is failing to generate the results. Does it work when you run it as a single analysis?

Hi Mostahpa,

Thanks for you reply.

It worked sometimes and sometimes not - I worked very hard to try and find out why but didn’t get anywhere. In the end I simply switched machines and now everything runs fine.