Kinetic Facade

Hello All,

I am working on designing a high rise that uses a kinetic facade. The facade shifts according to the location of the sun. For example, the facade module opens and closes depending on where the sun is. I want to use Ladybug and Honeybee for the location of the sun but do not know how to inform the geometry to open and close based on where the sun is. Does anybody have any suggestions where I can start? Or maybe a tutorial ? I tried doing a few tutorials found on the forum to understand how the plug ins work but I think I am missing something. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!


In order for us to be able to help you effectively you need to provide more details about your problem. Is it that you can’t create the model in Grasshopper? or you created the model and want to know what is the best type of analysis to evaluate your design? What is the goal of your project? Have you ran any analysis successfully so far? In short what is exactly the problematic part that you need help with?

I would start with a simple model and let us know you exact question(s) in each step of your process.