L*a*b* insertion in Honeybee Simulations

Hello everyone,

Is there a way in honeybee to input Lab* quantities for a window coating? For example, I used RadGlassMaterial by color; I can insert RGB quantities, but I need to add Lab* to RGB to simulate my window coating.

Hi @Zhinarashidzadeh ,

I’ll preface by saying that I hadn’t heard of the Lab* color space until this post but I can see that there is a native Grasshopper component that appears that it can do the conversion from Lab* over to the RGB that you need for Radiance simulation:


So this is how you can use it with Honeybee:

Hope that give you what you need.

I appreciate your help. In the Lab component, inputs of A and B should be in the range of 0-1, while the quantities I have for them are like -0.69 and 5.63. Also, I need to insert RGB value and Lab values for single glass material simultaneously. Do you have any idea regarding this?