Label zones in honeybee error


I’m experiencing the following error using Label Zones and Label Zone Surfaces:

Solution exeption: name: ‘W’ is not defined

this notification appears on both the commands as i place them on the canvas

Any idea??

I’ve Rhino GH and HB updated.

Thank you for your help


Please also put Ladybug_Ladybug on the canvas and recompute. That should make the error disappear.

Thank you so much

I don’t have any idea why, but suddenly it started to work .

Maybe you are right because in the different things i tried, I put Ladybug on canvas as well but I didn’t remember the precise moment when it started to work


A lot of functions in Honeybee use classes in Ladybug. Therefore always keep LB and HB both on the canvas for any Honeybee simulations.