Ladybug and Honeybee 1.3.0 construction component question

For the new modifier and construction set up. I’ve used the general components, but I’ve got several questions needed to be solved.

With the image below, is it correct to connect like this?


  1. what’s the difference among the HB aperture connecting to subface subset, model or using child face?
  2. where should I connect HB Apply Construction to?
  3. what’s the difference between using HB shade material and shade construction?

No, that’s not correct for energy simulation. You should be assigning the aperture to the Rooms using the HB Add Subface component instead of plugging it directly into the Model.

The end result is the same but assigning a construction directly to the Aperture itself will override any construction assigned via the parent Room ConstructionSet. If all of your surfaces of a given type (walls, roofs, floors, windows) ultimately have the same construction, then it’s a little more elegant to do it with a ConstructionSet since you have one object that describes the construction AND the logic for how it should be applied over the Room.

Shade material layers are only meant to be used in Window Construction Shades. Shade constructions can actually get assigned to shade geometries to specify their reflectance.

Thanks Chris! That helps.

How does the following component work if I would like to add it into the preview script?