Ladybug and honeybee

Hello All,

I am running a solar radiation analysis using ladybug. I am was curious whether it was normal that the analysis has been running for almost an hour. The geometry is fairly simple for the purposes of this model but the geometry I will be testing is a bit more complex. Is this normal or does this mean something is wrong with one of the components.

Thank you!


Hi Melissa, It is not normal for a simple model. What is the gridsize is set to and how many test points do you generate for the study?

Hi Mostapha,

Thanks for the quick reply. I am not sure. I downloaded a script that is posted on the ladybug examples on this link :…;

I replaced the Breps with the surfaces I needed to test and uploaded the epw file I needed using the open weather file.

I wanted to understand how the software/technology works to run my analysis for my thesis. Any guidance you can give me would be greatly appreciated.


What is the units of your document. This example file generates test points for every 4 units of the document. You can also connect the output from testPts to a point collector to see the test points or check the number of test points.

My units is in feet. I removed the Breps and tried to run the analysis exactly as it downloads. Is it possible that one of the downloaded components is not installed correctly?