Ladybug ASE calculation - calculating surface direct illuminance

Hello everyone,

In Ladybug legacy we have a component “surface hourly solar” that can be used to calculate direct illuminance value before simulation. But in the new LBT the component that replaces the legacy one named “Lb directional solar irradiance”, only takes in radiation values for calculation (not the illuminance value). Is there a way to calculate Direct surface illuminance in the LBT?

For now, I managed to convert the LBT data to legacy data type for calculation as the image shown below.

@chris any suggestions.

That’s a very good point @Asisnath .

I will add the capability to process illuminance data collections on the new LBT component ASAP. I’ll post back here once it’s implemented.

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Here’s a sample file: (28.5 KB)

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Your Awesome @Chris. Thank you for this update.