Ladybug, cleaning up Window response definition

Hi there,

I have been developing a general definition that allows a window surface to follow the path of the sun. I have done this by taking the vector of the sun path and allowing the surface to be perpendicular to it at all times.

Although conceptual, the definition works fine but I think it is too clunky.

I am using too many vector directions, surface splits and list item componants in my opinion. could any one give me any advice on how to refine the definition?

I have included the .3dm file and the .gha file for inspection.

Thanks in advance,

John Egan

sunpath-AJ01 jOHNS (71 KB)
Johns_Version GH question.3dm (764 KB)

Hi John,

I finally found a chance to check your script. As you said it works fine. An alternative approach with less intersections and select items would be:

  1. create the target plane based of sun vector and desired distance,

  2. project the window curve on the plane,

  3. offset the projected curve on the plane (will be much faster than offset curve on surface)

  4. project the curves back onto the geometry

  5. Loft the curves together

Hope it helps,