Ladybug - create sunshades


I need an advice on how to create external sunshades on Ladybug.

I would like to obtain a result like in this picture; and eventually replicate this system on a more extended shading canopy.

This is my geometry (gray):

What is my problem? My problem is that the Shading Designer component gives me the following error when i try to work on a perfectly horizontal surface. I also want the kind of shading shown before to be 100% efficient at noon, so i set the sun vector at the right time, and this is the error i get.

if you can give some help, thank you.

Hi Jay Ramos,

I have made a small component to deal your issue, I have to talk to Mostapha and Chris about it ,and if it is useful I’ll ask them if it is possible to insert it inside of LB Shading designer component.

the component uses a shading surface which comes from LB Shading designer as input. And you can set the number of shading surfaces, and it calculates the ideal height of them automatically.



It is very useful Antonello!!


Hi Abraham,

Thanks! I have made a component about it, I have been waiting Chris and Mostapha to understand if I can add it or merge it inside LB shading designer.

in the reply below you can find an example file.