LADYBUG Error. please help to solve

hello I have Rhino 5.0 version. and a grasshopper 0.90076 version and ladybug newest 2017 plug in ( to install the plug in i dropped the file into grasshopper window and looks like it installed- it asked me if i wanted to replace files and i did. now i am trying to create anything with ladybug- i cannot even construct the location…gives an error, please see attached, please please advise.

Thank you in advance… please email or send a reply here please.

  1. Remove the current installation:…;

  2. Make sure you have GHPython installed and the GHA file in unblocked.

  3. Install Ladybug + Honeybee!

installed GHPython now will try to remove the installation. will try, thank you again

The definition that removes installation is using GHPython. I should have changed the order between 2 and 1.

this is what i am getting now.please help

but i did remove as per instructions

Just select Replace All. That shouldn’t make any issues for running ladybug and honeybee.

All works thank you :slight_smile: do you know much about CDF- Fluid dynamics- to try air flow ?

Hi, out of curiosity why i dont see colored chart and model on my side. i am following your youtube video(which is great) :slight_smile: may you advise please?

you need to turn of the preview of the components in Grasshopper, and also hide the geometries in Rhino.