Ladybug "Outdoor Comfort SET" Script Issue

I have a quick question about a ladybug error I am having. I am trying to run the “Outdoor Comfort SET” script (found at:…) and cannot get the visualization of the vertical wind speed variation to work. Im attaching a screenshot of the full script and a zoomed in one of the visualization panel giving me the issues. I cant seem to get the error messages to appear in the image, but basically they say:
“1. The input windProfileHeight_ cannot be less than 0.”
"2. The input distBetweenVec_ cannot be less than 0 and cannot be less than the windProfileHeight_."

I have tried using sliders instead of the text value panels that come loaded in the script, but neither seems to work even though I seem to be satisfying the requirements from the error messages.

Hoping someone can tell me what the issue is!


Hi Noah,

Please disconnect “windProfileHeight_” and “distBetweenVec_.” That Should work.


You are absolutely correct, Devang, and thanks for posting the answer. I made that example file with a Rhino model in meters and so those inputs in Rhino model units might not work if your Rhino model units are different.