Ladybug Results Problem

Hi Everyone,

I’m studying solar radiance on facade building with Ladybug and I get some results that I think that’s something wrong.

I’d like to understand why this soo different results and why results so high. I configure something wrong?

  1. The results images has the some solar incidence color results for the four dates (21/03, 21/06, 23/09 e 21.12), but the sun are on different positions, the imagens could be different visual results too. I really don’t know if I’m doing something wrong.

Example 10:00am dates:

21/03, 21/06, 23/09, 21/12

Someone could help me ?



Result Problems.pdf (205 KB)
RadiationAnalysis_Result (1.32 MB)

I haven’t checked your file but if you’re running the simulation for a single hour the legend will be Wh/m2 and when it’s for an analysis period it is kWh/m2. That should probably answer the difference between the results.

I attached two images, first one, simulation at 10 to 15:30 and the other one at 15:30h, and both the legend is Kwh/m².

And the results images the colors are the same for four days (21/03, 21/06, 23/09, 21/12).

Hi Camila,

The problem is that the simulation of 10-10 was not taking the period properly. I think it got confused as a period from 10 to 10 is not exactly a period but an instant.

If you change it to an HOY it works

Your results wont be the same as mine, as I didn’t have an epw from Sao Paulo, so I used one from London

You will find the things I added grouped. Hope it helps.


Edit: I guess if you keep it as you had it before my change but you put in the period from 9 to 10 it will work. (1.34 MB)