Ladybug runtime error


I keep getting the following runtime error with several components including the sunpath component:

`1. Solution exception:‘TextEntity’ object has no attribute ‘Explode’’

I’ve tried uninstalling LB and HB and reinstalling with the latest version on Github. I attach a sample file for your information. Do you have any suggestions for how to solve this please?



Hi Mischa,

Are you using Grasshopper WIP? If yes, can you try the stable release?


Hi Devang,

Thank you for getting back to me so quickly. I am using WIP. Would 0.9.0076 be a stable release? When I try running ladybug on v0.9.0076 I get the error 1. Solution exception:Method not found: 'System.Reflection.MemberInfo[] Microsoft.Scripting.Generation.CompilerHelpers.FilterNonVisibleMembers(System.Type, System.Reflection.MemberInfo[])'.I posted a question about this on the forum some time ago and since have been in touch with McNeel tech support too but it seems that there’s no fix. I found it worked in WIP though. Is there a way around this that you can suggest please? The sunpath component was working fine when I first downloaded the WIP.


I am afraid I have no idea how to make this go away.

Thanks anyway.

This is a missing method not from Rhino common itself but IronPython. Do you have another software (like Dynamo) that installs a different version of IronPython on your machine? The suggested solution is to remove the other IronPython installation or to install the latest version of IronPython. Doesn’t necessary have to do anything with Ladybug and Honeybee itself. Also see this:…

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Hi Mostapha,

Yes I do have Dynamo. I uninstalled IronPython and now LB seems to be working in v5 but not WIP?! I’ll try installing the latest IronPython and see if that makes LB work in WIP. In the meantime its great to have it working again on one version. Thank you. Mischa

Hi Mischa, This is not a Ladybug issue that we can get fixed. It needs to be fixed by McNeel for Rhino WIP not to have conflicts with other installations of IronPython. They port a separate IronPython that comes with Rhino installation.