Ladybug Sunlight Hours Analysis

Im trying to use sunlight hours analysis component to adjust shading panel sizes. But the test points are generated off the geometry in some method I don’t understand and the results can’t be linked directly to the geometry ie many test points on each piece of geometry. Does anyone know a solution or alternative?


There is an input for distance from base which controls the distance of the test points from the base geometry. You can set this value to a very small value to be close to the test surface.

can you make that 0 (zero) so it matches geometry?

That will cause the point to intersect with the original surface itself. Pushing it out for a small amount doesn’t really affect the results much.

Mostaha, many thanks for the replies. I have a project and perhaps I’m pushing the components too much.

I am trying to put LadyBug outputs into Human UI have having some problems…

  1. Very slow in changing iterations
  2. With sunlight hours output going into a graph in Human UI it stops me from changing my modelling. I disconnect the link and change parameters and try relinking and it just goes back to previous used parameters
  3. Is there anyway to use coloured thermal mesh from LadyBug Sunlight Hours Analysis to show in Rhino or Human UI?

Many thanks for any comments.