Ladybug Tools 1.4.0 EnergyPlus error when using multiple Vegetation Materials

Hi all,

I am trying to run a simple UTCIMap simulation using the most recent release of Honeybee/Ladybug Tools. The UTCIMap component does not seem to work with a Honeybee model using rooms with different Vegetation Materials applied to HB Grounds.

The error I receive when running UTCIMap is:
Program terminated: EnergyPlus Terminated–Error(s) Detected.

Does Ladybug Tools not support multiple/modified Vegetation Materials?

Thanks. (55.1 KB)

Hi @njbrsr ,

This appears to be a limitation of EnergyPlus, which is really surprising:

I will double-check this but, if this is true, then there is nothing that we can do about it in Honeybee and we would need to get the developers of EnergyPlus to support multiple vegetation materials if we wanted to be able to do this.

Hi @njbrsr ,

It appears that this limitation of EnergyPlus is, indeed, true. I am going to add some checks in our validation process to ensure that each honeybee model has only one vegetation material so that people can identify this issue before running the energy simulation.

In the meantime, for your case here, the best solution that I can offer is to run two separate energy/thermal comfort simulations. Creating two models with different names should do the trick: (59.9 KB)

Thanks Chris - your recommended workaround gets the job done.