Ladybug Tools for Rhino 6?

Hi all!

I’ve been using the Ladybug Tools, mainly Honeybee, on a trial license for Rhino 5 for the past 2 months and now it’s time to purchase a commercial license. I see now that Rhino 6 is out which raises one question… will all the bugs fly smoothly on Rhino 6 or should I be purchasing a Rhino 5 license?

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Hi @OErnErlendsson,

Both legacy and [+] plugins should work on both Rhino 5 and Rhino 6. If it doesn’t it is a bug and we will get it fixed.

There is also an exception that gives an advantage to Rhino 6. At some point we will start the development of Ladybug Tools for Rhino which will only work on Rhino 6.


As always Mostapha, thanks for the quick reply :slight_smile:

I’m getting the following error on all legacy and [+] plugins.

I’ve updated all the plugins but with no luck. Any thoughts on how to resolve this @mostapha?

Hi Orn this is an error with IronPython installation in Rhino6. Here is what you need to do posted by Giulio:

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I have read this, and that

I also need to make the same decision at work. Choosing the version. Considering the typical urgency at work and delivery deadlines, I am inclined to go with version 5. A beast that I have battled with. Would you please be so kind to share your thoughts once again on this? I still heavily rely upon the legacy versions.

Thank you!

@devang ,

At this point in time, I know of only two small issues with the legacy version and Rhino 6, which I’m aiming to have fixed by the end of this week:

Split floors to zones fails in some cases due to a change in RhinoCommon

The comfort polygon of the psych chart does not generate correctly due to a change in RhinoCommon.

Aside from this, everything else works and , again, both of these issues will be fixed by the end of this week. So, unless you need something flawless in the next few days, go with Rhino 6. If it makes you feel any more comfortable, I have run several Energy, Daylight, and THERM simulations using legacy and Rhino 6 thus far.

Thanks @chris for sharing. While this is encouraging, I am still concerned. I am not sure about the rate of adoption by the community. The more people use it the more bugs we will unearth. So if the current adoption is low, then this may take some time. Unlike offices in USA, in times of trouble, I have no one to that I can go to :joy:. Totally rely on help online from people in other time zones. May be I am worrying too much.
Thanks you again for sharing!

@mostapha @chris,
Have you both been able to move to Rhino 6 completely? @mostapha, tried Butterfly on Rhino 6?

@chris I can work on the split floors to zones bug. I’ve been neglecting my ladybug contributions for a while, but I think this week I can start ramping up again.

I’m going back and forth as most of the users are still using Rhino 5. Haven’t seen any issues with Butterfly on Rhino 6.

Thank you @mostapha!

I am writing this for future reference.
Whenever you purchase a license for Rhino 6, you’re also given a key for Rhino 5. Please get in touch with Mcneel for this if you haven’t received it. This should settle this question once and for all.

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You should be able to generate your RH5 key from your Rhino Account page.

You can retrieve a Rhino 5 legacy License here