Ladybug tools needed for URBANopt to be installed on Linux (ubuntu)

I would like to use URBANopt with Dragonfly in a Python script on a linux laptop (more specifically on Ubuntu). I can install without any issues URBANopt and the core Python libraries of Ladybug tools on my linux laptop. But not the dependencies needed… Is there an easy way to install the dependencies contained in the free Pollination single-click installer on a Linux laptop?
Thanks a lot!

Hi @bdelcroix ,

Very glad that you are getting to this level. Installing on Linux is a little different since we have no single-click installer that will install all of the extra dependencies. I should also come clean and say that I have run no URBANopt tests on Linux, though everything should theoretically work over there and I know of some people have gotten dragonfly to run with URBANopt on other unix-based systems (Mac). So just let me know if you encounter a cryptic error message and it’s probably a bug I should fix.

The main dependency that it sounds like you are missing is the honeybee-openstudio gem, which should go in:


… and can be installed here for or downloaded from this GitHub repo here

I think that may be all that you’re missing to run URBANopt energy simulation. The Dragonfly-Energy Docker image might also be a good reference if you want to install more dependencies on your Linux machine related to energy simulation with Dragonfly (though the docker image is set up to run dragonfly energy simulations directly wit OpenStudio/EnergyPlus instead of with URBANopt CLI):