Ladybug use mesh for gaining radiation on a model?

hi all

I modeled a 3d shape in rhino, and then i calculated radiation on shape by ladybug.
ladybug use mesh for gaining radiation on a model??

Can you explain a little bit more what do you mean here? :ladybug: uses mesh center points and normal vector at that center to generate sensors to calculate radiation.

Dear @mostapha
I created a 3D model in rhino and then I calculated radiation on model by :ladybug: .
Now I need to know

  1. how many cells on the model?
  2. size cells
    I gonna find a picture like below picture.


dear @mostapha
I need your help, could you please

You can get both of them from the outputs of the radiation component.

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thanks a million dear @mostapha
However dear @mostapha , I have 2 problem

  1. I dont know how can i get outputs of the radiation component, i searched but i didnt find anything, please give a tutorial link…:pray:

  2. how can i see cells on my model? (like above picture)

Your guidance always is best.