Ladybug_WindowDowndraft python bug


I have been working with the Downdraft component fr a while now and after installing the latest release I faced an issue with the component that returned a
“1. Solution exception:math domain error”.

Apparently in lines 87, 90 and 93 where the “sqrt” function is used if there is a 0 foany reason Python refuses to handle it. In order to fix the issue I introduced a max(0, statement) after the sqrt function so:

Instead of sqrt(abc) it’s now sqrt(max(0,abc).

The component now works but the “draftAirVeloc” returns only 0 results.
My concern is that I am using mm in my Rhino model and I am afraid that this causes the problem.
Either this or there is a code issue that would be nice to be updated.

Thanks for all the hard work!