LB analysis period question


I have question regarding hours in analysis period. When i set it from lets say: Month:6; Day:1; Hour:8
to Month:6 Day:31; Hour:18 will i get results for hours 8-18 EACH DAY or will i get continous results from 1.06 hour 8 to 31.06 hour 18 (so that would include f.ex night hours during days inbetween).


@Wujo Your description of this question is not so clear. Can you tell us some details or some screenshot for this question?

Hi @Wujo,

It will actually be for 8-18 each of the day. Easiest way to check it is plug your period on a sunPath component and you can see the suns created as well as the info showing all the hours.

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Right! I can’t belive I didn’t think about that, thanks.