LB_ComfortShadeBenefit bug


Following this item in this discussion i’ve found that also the LB_ComfortShadeBenefit is failing.

Attached an example of this failure.

It complains about

  1. Data in the _temperatures input does not possess a valid Ladybug header. Data must have a header to use this component.

Even though i connected the selHourlyData output from theLB_sunpath to the Temperatures input of the ShadeBenefit.

But in the attached you can see other 3 examples where one input is missing to connect in order to make the component work. Once you connect this the component fails. Of course there are different inputs, while the temperature is connected. The common thing among all cases is that it complains about the same thing.

I’ll appreciate your help.


-A. (424 KB)


I see that the output of the LB_Sunpath:selHourlyData is missing header and contains only the data for “light” hours.

On the other side the LB_ComfortShadeBenefit:_temperatures hint asks for connecting this data while in the example OutdoorShadeBenefitEvaluation this input is connected with the LB_OutdoorComfortCalculator:UTCI which has aheader and the whole range of hours.

So it will be correct to assume that the first case is not valid anymore (closing this discussion, and the hint should be updated)? Or there is a bug?

Thanks and happy holidays …


Hi Abraham,

Thanks. I leave this one for Chris. He knows more than I about this component. Let’s see what he thinks.


Abraham and Mostapha,

I’m very sorry for responding so late. I revised the shade benefit evaluators a few months ago to not need the LB sunpath component anymore. This proved to be very necessary in order to ensure that temperature values were synced correctly with sun vectors without making things crazy for the user. Now, all that you have to do is take temperature values directly from the import epw component and plug them into the comfort shade benefit evaluator (CSBE). The CBSE now also has a required _location input from the import epw component and it uses this to compute sun vectors (inside the component) that match the hourly temperature values. Let me know if that answers your question well enough and sorry again for the lateness.


Thanks Chris,

No problem.

Now it is clear. So the only thing left is to fix the hint so users don’t get confused.