Lb ImageViewer not showing anything

Dear All,

I am trying to run some glare analysis (PIT) but the image viewer is not showing any images. and this is the kind of messages I am getting.

I, also, checked the file path and the image is not there

Thank you in advance

Apparently, I need the Ironbug plugin. Is it available for Mac?

HI @MyleMckay ,

You do not need the IronBug plugin to use the Image Viewer. You should see that, if you plug in an valid HDR image file path to the Image Viewer (like the HDR images in your Finder window there), it should display correctly.

Something is going wrong with the Adjust HDR component where it’s not writing out the adjusted image correctly. What version of Radiance do you have installed according to the HB Check Versions component?

On an unrelated note, Ironbug is not available for Mac since it relies on the C# bindings of OpenStudio. But, again, Ironbug has nothing to do with your Radiance simulation here or the Image Viewer.