LBT2PH: Secondary heating generation error

Hi @edpmay , I have noticed that regardless of what I connect into the secondary heat generation entry of the Heating / Cooling systems component, the script always writes 5-Direct heating in the PHPP tool. Do you know why?

Also the airtightness component doesn’t seem to work for me. Regardless of what value I enter, it writes 1 ACH in PHPP. Files attached.


Royal Street_PHPP (695.4 KB)


Interesting? It appears to all be working for me when I set the ACH and the Seconday Heating, I get the input values into the PHPP as expected?


Secondary Heating:

Perhaps take a look at the file attached here and see if that small example works for you?

A couple general comments / suggestions:

  1. As a super general rule, whenever you find that some values aren’t coming through as expected, try turning the ‘UseDiff’ flag on/off on the Excel writer to force it to write out the entire file contents. That function still is not perfect by a long shot, and sometimes thing get hung up there?
  2. When trouble shooting, I find its super helpful to distill my gh definition down to the bare minimum, and isolate the offending bit. Often just by doing that I can find the place where things are going wrong. So try pulling out the bare minimum geometry and components and see if the function in question works with that or not? That’s usually a good starting point I find.
  3. When sharing GH files, remember that the receiver does not have access to your file system, so you should remove any references to specific files on your computer since those will cause the file to result in errors for the receiver
  4. With things like weather files, I find that the download weather file tool is great, since as with the above, hard-coded paths to files on your computer will cause errors for the file receiver.
  5. With things like geometry, remember also that the geometry does not travel with the GH file automatically either, so things like pipelines will not work for the receiver either

    when sharing GH files as examples, I find its often super helpful to either ‘internalize’ the geometry into a node in GH, or use native GH procedural components like ‘Box’ or ‘Extrude’ to generate simplified geometry inside GH so that the receiver can open it more easily.

hope all that makes sense and is helpful. Let me know if the example attached here works for you though? It seems to be working for me at least.
all the best,
@edpmay (45.8 KB)

Hi @edpmay , thanks for this and for sharing the general rules, that’s very helpful.
I have tried your simple example and I have solved 90% of the problems: the airtightness problem was due simply to not having connected the component into the next one (silly); regarding the secondary heat source, I had entered the whole source name in the input instead of just the number (“2-Heat pump(s)” instead of “2”) so now it works for options 1 to 6 if I only input the number.

However, I can’t seem to make it work for no secondary heat generation, as per my case. I have tried by inputting “-”, “” or disconnecting everything but in all cases I get “5-District heating” written in PHPP. It looks like that’s the default instead of none. Can you help with this, please?

Thank you very much!

Oh I see. Yes I had thought having a default of direct electric, unless the user specified something else, would be a good idea. But I think I agree that having it blank unless the user provides input is probably better? I made that change and updated the relevant script:

if you update your scripts and reboot your Rhino file, hopefully that should work now in that manner (will assume none now, instead of direct-electric)? Let me know if its still not working for you though.


Thanks again @edpmay ! So helpful!