Light and Energy simulations in city between mountains: how reliable is the weather data?

Hi everyone, I wanted to know your opinion on this:

1- I need to do energy and light simulations for a building in a norwegian city called Rjukan. The closest weather data I could find was Gaustatoppen.
I attached a photo of the city for better understanding: Photo of Rjukan and mountains

The problem is that Gaustatoppen is the top of a mountain and Rjukan is exactly on the bottom, in between two very high mountains. And the whole point of the simulations was to study the effects of these on the building. So my question is: should I also do the mountains on rhino and use them as “shadow” or can I trust the Gaustatoppen weather data?

If the best is to do the mountains in rhino, anyone has any tipos on what is the best way to do so?

Thank you very much!

Hi @Gio - this will depend on the weather data source for Gaustatoppen & Rjukan but in general EPW files are generated without consideration for the terrain shadowing effects. One source you can try is something like this - JRC Photovoltaic Geographical Information System (PVGIS) - European Commission, which caters to solar PV system analysis and you’ll see that it allows you to download calculated horizion profile (i.e. due to terrain) using the digial elevation model (DEM) data.