Lighting Control Group issue - 2

Dear Mostapha and all,

Followed by Francesco’s previous post (…), I have some questions regarding the work mechanism of the lighting control in HB/Daysim.

  1. Which specific sensor point (out of many) in the “lightingControlGroup” should fulfill the requirement of **"**lightingSetpoint" (300lux)?

in other words:

Does it mean that the average illuminance calculated from all the “sensorPoints” in the “lightingControlGroup” (insteady of any single sensorPoint) should fulfill the **"****lightingSetpoint" **requirement?

if this is the case:

Why the lighting schedule obtained from DSElectricalLightingUse is **different **from the lighting schedule obtained by post-processing/checking all the hourly illuminance results at all the sensorPoints? (please see the attach gh file edited from Mostapha’s version)

  1. What’s the difference, if I hook up “lightingControlGroups_” or not, as shown in the RED arrowhead in the attached file? (Because the results are different as well)

  1. If I have a large space (like a 40m*70m sports hall) and want to know its annual lightingControlProfiles, do I need a “lightingControl” component to be hooked on to the “readAnnualResultsI” (in order to calculate its annual lightingControlProfiles)?

If needed, how many “testPoints” I should choose to be used as “sensorPoints_” in the “lightingControl” component?

Thank you in advance for your kind help!


Ding (536 KB)