Lighting Control Profiles issue


I noticed this already some time ago, I ask about here even if I think is something that concern Daysim more than Honeybee.

The issue is that when I want to analyse the electricity consumption and I use the Lighting Control Group component information into the Read Annual Results I using an occupancy file from 7-22 it happens to have electric light consumption very often during extra time (over night). You can see from the attached image 1. The problems doesn’t happen with an occupancy file from 9 to 17 (image 2). I checked the occupancy file 7-22 and it is ok. Any clue of the problem?

Thank you.




Hi Francesco, What is the lighting control that you’re using? That’s probably the issue. Daysim has some algorithm for modeling user behavior which is most likely the reason. Having the light on during the night means the occupant has forgotten to turn off the light before she leaves the office.

Hello Mostapha,

it is the Light Control 3 manual on/off with auto Dimming. If it is the user behavior then it is strange that in the simulation from 9 to 17 there is not (I used the same light control for both for this example). But thank you, if you have other ideas let me know. I will also try to find the solution and let you know.