Lighting Schedules for EnergyPlus

Hi everyone,

I am trying to run a daylighting simulation in order to create lighting schedules for a multi-zone energy simulation.

When I create a simple box geometry and use Honeybee’s ‘SplitBuildingMass’ component and run the daylight simulation, it seems to work fine. I get 15 different lighting schedule files for the 15 zones that is in the building geometry.

However, when I try to run the same simulation for a custom geometry that I created in Rhino, it does not work and the output is empty.

Does anyone have any idea what I might be doing wrong? The zones/elements from my custom geometry seem to be recognized fine by the system. I just don’t get any results.

I have attached the gh file with the geometries internalized in case anyone wants to take a look.

Appreciate it!


s (713 KB)

Hi Saurabh,

Can you check the readMe output and see if there is any error? I ran your file for one test point each zone (just to keep it run fast) and it runs on my machine with no problems. Also some of the surfaces may need to be rebuilt to generate a cleaner mesh and as a result a better grid of test points.


Hi Mostapha,

Thanks for the response. I will look into rebuilding the geometry at the locations where the test points are coming out irregular.

I tried running the analysis again and this time it gives me the following error:

From the error one of the test meshes cannot be saved locally. Can you disconnect the meshes from testMesh_ input in the recipe?

Thanks, Mostapha. I was able to resolve that issue.

However, I have another question for you. I have the lighting schedules created by the daylight simulation and now I am trying to plug this into the Open Studio simulation. But I am getting this error (see below). Could you tell what I might be doing wrong? The Open Studio simulation runs fine without the lighting schedule though. I have also attached the gh file.

Many many thanks!

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Hi Saurabh,

Chris has implemented lighting schedules for OpenStudio. I opened an issue so he can take a look at this and another similar issue. If he couldn’t take a look soon I will give it a try.

I assume you’re using OpenStudio HVAC systems and that’s why you’re not using EnergyPlus component. Is that right?


Yes, you’re right. I am using OpenStudio HVAC systems. Thanks again!



I apologize for being late to the conversation. I fixed the bug that Mostapha opened the issue for:…

You can find a working file GH file attached. However, to get rid of the component failure in your image, you are going to have to replace the ‘OpenStudioMasterTemplate.idf’ in your ladybug default folder with the one on the github here:…

I apologize for this extra step but this implementation of CSV schedule capability on OpenStudio was really meant to be a rough hack until the OpenStuido team implements this capability on their own software and SDK in a year or so:

-Chris (648 KB)

Hi Chris,

Thank a lot. It works fine. Really appreciate it!


Hi Chris,

I just realized… whenever I plug the lighting schedule from the daylight simulation into OpenStudio, my electric lighting results comes out as zero. Seems like you were able to run it fine though. Any idea what I might be doing wrong?



Have you tried to plot the results of the daylight analysis with 3D chart and make sure the generated a meaningful lighting schedule? Here is an example on how to do it.