Looking for reading/advice on best practices for honeybee energy simulations

Hi - Thanks for this incredible set of tools. I’m starting to work with some larger buildings with many floors. Is there any recommended reading on best practices for managing many zones and larger square footages?

Two examples:

  1. I’m working with one office complex that just by giving each floor its own zone has 45 zones. It comes out to around 500,000 square feet. Much of it is self shaded depending on the time of year so I think I have to run the simulation for the whole model at once. If I run it hourly for each hour of the year the csv file comes out to around 1GB with a simplified set of parameters. Maybe this isn’t the best way though.

  2. Grasshopper and rhino just lock up during a simulation. For a larger simulations are people just letting that particular rhino model run it on its own while going about doing something else in the meantime? I couldn’t figure out how to have the simulation run outside of rhino and come back to the csv file when it’s done.

Long story short, I’m not necessarily looking for easy answers though those are welcome! Mostly I’m looking for the best/recommended sources on managing large buildings. These csv files get large and a year long simulation can take a couple of hours.

Thanks for the consideration and the many hours of video tutorials!

Probably the computer is running out of memory.
You can create the IDF and then run it with the EPLaunch (E+ launcher). It will create the files. Then you can read the results inside HB again.
Not the best option but probably it can work.