Lookup daylight folder - getting hourly radiation files

Hi all!

I wonder if there’s any possibility in getting hourly radiation results from a daylight simulation with cumulative sky (W-output).

The only possibility, for now, is to step by step anaylizing 8760 hours/year and combining the results then. But there’s no need to explain the effort.

How can I get out hourly data from this simulation result?

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Hi Daniel, You can use Daysim for that and get the hourly radiation values for each hour of the year similar to annual daylight simulation. Here is similar question.

Hi, thank you very much,

what I checked up now by simulating with daysim in W, and reading the LookupDaylightFolder, the values turned out to be in W. That’s great. But I simply can’t find any way of getting my 8760 values as Watts for every surface (with 1152 control points each) I’m simulating.

I appreciate all the components to work with for reading annual results, but I have to create my own internal-gain-csv for very specific reasons. How can I get out an excel - sheet with 8760 values in Watts I can continue to work with?

Thanks for your hints!


getting out 8760 W-values.gh (597 KB)

And an additional information: Why do I get 7 *.ill-files out instead of one if it’s an annual analysis?




annualSimulation.rar (2.82 MB)

rar files can’t be downloaded from ning. You need to attach the files as .zip if you rather to upload them as a single file.

Honeybee divides the work between different cpus and so you get one .ill file for each cpu. There ill files which has space in it is the one which is merged back together.

Have you tried Honeybee_Read All the Hourly Results from Annual Daylight Study? I assume it exactly does what are you trying to achieve.

Hi Mostapha,

actually I solved the problem by combining the *.ill-files into one excel. But what would be great for the workflow in getting the hourly results of my solar radiation into one (8760) list.

Furthermore I have a problem with the RunDaylight-Component. By changing the analysis-surface with my slider it gives me the “1. Solution exception:‘NoneType’ object is unsubscriptable”-warning (component from FEB_01_2015) or the “1. Solution exception:name ‘exportAirWalls_’ is not defined”-warning (component from FUL_13_2015). Any idea in how to solve the problem. The aim is to make the daylight-simulation with animated sliders.

In addition, after updating the components I have to reinsert the childsurface-component (1. Solution exception:name ‘_HBObj’ is not defined).


annualSimulation.zip (1.58 MB)

Hi Daniel,

If you run read Annual Results I once, you will get the merged .ill file.

You need to re-insert the run daylight component into canvas. The name for the input exportInteriorWalls_ is changed to inputAirWalls_. That should solve the problem.

It’s the same. Input name has changed.


Hi Mostapha,

thank you for your reply. I tried that, but still… I cleaned the lists too. I’ll analyze it in more depth and will tell you what happened.