Loss of information (glazing)

hello everyone, I have made several attempts to try to solve and realize this problem, but I didn’t succeed. I internalized the data.
I have: 3 floors, glazed surfaces, wall surfaces and the surface of the floors (slab and floor).
I dont understand why I cant get 3 closed breps (HBzone). This problem has dragged on for some time and I come here to ask you for help.
Please see attached file (.gh)

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a3.gh (259.5 KB)

I believe we’ve been through this recently, right?
Not sure what do you want to do with the model: Energy simulation or lighting (day) simulations. Depends on that your model can be wrong or right (accordingly).
Assuming you are interested in energy simulations, remember that windows are child elements for the opaque surfaces (walls).In your file you are having the windows at the same hierarchy as the walls.
You need to use the addHBGlz component for that (for instance).
The problem i see in your model is that the walls are not big enough to contain the windows (you need the full wall surface for that).

Hope this helps …

Hi @AbrahamYezioro,

Yes, we did but as you can see, the problem keep here.
My objective is do energy simulation.
Im following your sugestion but im keep doing something wrong. i internalized the full wall geometry but when i use addHBGlz i dont obtain what i want.
Plese,see the updated file.
Thanks foryour help @AbrahamYezioro



Getting closer.
See attached.
a3_AY.gh (211.8 KB)

After adding the windows the zones get open. You have to check the windows geometry and see if they are coplanar with the wall surfaces. Also be assure that the windows are not reaching the limits of the walls surfaces. They need to be a bit shifted to the inside.
My Rhino settings are Units: Meters and tolerance: 0.001.



I checked if the geometry was correct (coplanar), and everything seems fine, but I continue with the problem.
So I took the measurements and modeled on the rhinoceros. Finally, i internalized on surfaces in the grasshopper. Now I have a closed brep, but I cant see the windows.
I dont know what else to do :frowning:
I hope someone does a miracle.
Feel free to check out what I did.


A4.gh (147.1 KB)

The attached is a working version of your last file. You are confusing what to connect with what. Hope you get it from this file.
As for your windows, keep in mind that they can’t touch the borders of the wall. You need to scale them a bit so you leave at least a small border around the window.
A4_AY.gh (148.4 KB)