Manually set the temperature of a HB surface

Hi, I would like to fix the temperature of a particular HB surface. Understand that I would need to add an additionalstring_ but I’m not sure how to go about doing it.

Would appreciate it I could know what to include in the panel.

Thank you.

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@hamkaariff ,

I don’t know what object but there’s probably something in E+ specifically for this purpose. I would recommend searching the E+ Input / Output Reference, especially the section on SurfaceProperty. Other options include using a ground boundary condition and a highly conductive material (the ground is always at a constant temperature in the E+ setup we use). A thermally active radiant surface as shown in this example might be another option.

Dear @chris,

Thanks for your inputs - I have taken a look at using SurfaceProperty but I’m not sure how to use it.

Would I be using “SurfaceProperty:OtherSideCoefficients”? Assuming I have named the surface “Wall01” and want to assign a temperature of 20°C to it:

  Wall01,                    !- Name
  0,                             !- Combined Convective/Radiative Film Coefficient {W/m2-K}
  20.000000,              !- Constant Temperature {C}
  1.000000,                !- Constant Temperature Coefficient
  0.000000,                !- External Dry-Bulb Temperature Coefficient
  0.000000,                !- Ground Temperature Coefficient
  0.000000,                !- Wind Speed Coefficient
  0.000000,                !- Zone Air Temperature Coefficient
  ;                               !- Constant Temperature Schedule Name

Not quite sure where I should be getting the schedules from / if I can create my own.

Thanks again!

That looks like it might do the trick. You can use the Color Surfaces by EP Result component in the Hydra example I posted previously to see if it gives you the desired effect. If not, this might also be a good thing to search or post on unmethours where many e+ gurus reside.


I think using additionalstrings is most suited to my needs. Unfortunately, I’ve been unable to get any result out of using the additionalstrings method. I’ve attached the gh file and hoping you would be kind enough to take a look (unable to upload as I’m a new member but the gh file is in the following link):

I also stumbled across this thread:

Where you mentioned “you can actually plug in custom surface temperature data into the microclimate maps and I have done it before using surface temperatures that I measured form an experiment. You just need to label all of your HBSrfs and coordinate that labeling with headers that you put on the custom data.” Is this the same method?