Material Direction

Hello all,
I want to simulate a prismatic material as a glazing for a facade. My question is how can I recognize that the direction of the material’s grooves is horizontal or vertical?

I don’t know enough about that type of material. You might get a better answer on the Radiance forum. Also posting a sample will help to understand what are you exactly trying to do and what do you mean by horizontal versus vertical in this case.

Hi Mostapha,
thank you for the response.

I have the BSDF file (XML) of a prismatic glazing with vertical grooves like below.
In Honeybee+ daylight simulation, I assigned this XML file as the glazing material but do not know how it considered the direction of the grooves.

Hi @Salamati , the BSDF file should already contain all the information of reflection and transmission, both back and front, of your prismatic glass in function of the solar incidence.