Mechanical Ventilation in Honeybee +

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I was wondering if you could help me on simulation Mechanical Ventilation. I wanted to simulate a
very simple mechanical ventilation with heat recovery and a defined efficiency. How can I do that??

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You can use HB Apply Load Values to specify flow rates of mechanical ventilation to a Room.

You can use the HB IdealAir component to assign heat recovery to the default ideal air system that is used to ventilate and condition the Room.

Hi Cris and @MingboPeng ,

How can I model Mechanical ventilation + HeatPump in Ironbug?

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Hi @Mariafa, could you tell me why you need to model it in Ironbug? Isn’t the template system from HB working for you?

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Hi @MingboPeng and @chris

Thank you for the reply. I want to calculate the additional or maybe the less energy consumption of HeatPump in winter and summer resulted by using mechanical ventilation (I also need the energy consumption of fans in mechanical ventilation). Since I am using HeatPump with variation in COP based on outdoor temperature, I need to use Ironbug.

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Hi @Mariafa ,

I don’t know where you heard this from but you don’t need to use Ironbug for this purpose:

From the description of your HVAC system, I’m not sure that you have enough information about it to make a good Ironbug representation of it. Or I would at least recommend using one of the templated HVAC systems first before trying to build something detailed or custom in IronBug.

When you say “heat pump” is this an air-to-water heat pump that is making hot water that gets used throughout a larger central system? Or is it a mini-split heat pump that’s handling heating/cooling while a separate DOAS system supplies the mechanical ventilation? Or is it some packaged unit that performs both heating/cooling and ventilation together for a single room at a time?

Depending on your answers, we can point you to the correct HVAC template that you should start with under the HB-Energy 4::HVAC category.

Hi @chris and @MingboPeng

I want to model a HVAC system which I could be able to change the efficacy of the system for boiler and COP for heat pump. By using one of the templated HVAC systems, I can’t apply certain efficiency. In addition, I need to model heat pump with changing COP based on temperature difference between the heat source and the heat sink. I am not sure if in the template system, consider ambient temperature. The other reason is that I need to get results separately for each zone in addition to the whole building.

I It is a central heat pump for both heating and cooling and the mechanical ventilation system is use for continuous supply of fresh air (with heat recovery feature).

I attached the Ironbug model for boiler and heatpump (without mechanical ventilation). I was wondering if you could check the model. (143.1 KB)