Merging perimeter and core zones for a daylight study

I’m working on a building that has a perimeter and a central core. I need to merge the perimeter and the core for the sake of conducting a daylighting study. (There should be no barriers to light between them)

However its not possible (Well its very tricky) for me to go back to the original geometry and merge the perimeter and the core into one zone.

As a result I thought that adding internal glazing would do the trick. However apart from using the addGlazing component I couldn’t see any other way of adding internal glazing to the core zone without exploding it and putting it back together. So I modified the Glazing based on Ratio component so that the internal walls of the core would automatically be 95% glazing.

After passing the core zone through the modified Glazing based on Ratio component and then passing all the HB zones through the Solve Adjacency component I ran the daylight simulation. However the result is not what you would expect it appears as though there are no internal windows. (See the picture).

So two questions.

  1. Is there a better way to merge these zones for a daylight study without going back to the original geometry?

  2. From the illuminance map it appears that no light is passing through the internal windows. Why is this the case? Should I create a material that is like air so that the light can effectively pass through and then use this material instead?

Hi Anton.

  1. Are you making the walls between the zones as AirWalls? exportAirWalls input should take care of what you need. Can you test it on a small model and let me know if it does work fine?

  1. It should pass through the window. You need to create a smaller case with a single window to see if it’s happening or not.

Thanks for your quick response Mostapha, if I just set the internal walls to AIR Walls and pass all the Honeybee zones through Solve adjacencies again while setting removeCurrentAdjc_ to true, then all internal walls become airwalls and I get the result that I want.